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Published On April 29, 2017 | By James Smith | Accessories

Neat, tidy and complete attire makes you look attractive and appealing. But when attire is considered, do you think of what all it comprises? Starting from your head to your toes, everything that you wear matters. To make your look even better, consider wearing a watch on your wrist.

Wearing a watch isn’t enough; you will think of buying a branded and expensive watch which makes others go in awe. There are many brands available for you to shop from, but some are always better than others. If you are in the middle of buying a new watch for yourself, consider these top brands:

  • Titan India

Titan is one of the oldest and the best brands for purchasing wrist watches. Usually, people choose to wear different watches according to the occasion and so they need a larger collection along with a great one. Titan offers various trendy designs and styles that will make others go awe. If you trust Titan, it won’t ever let you down. The watches are durable, trusted, and affordable as well. The brand has given rise to Police and Sonata as well. Titan India is by far the most popular choice, be it any age group.

  • Casio watches online

Casio is a Japanese brand that has been popular for its tremendous range of watches from ages. Casio believes in variety and innovation at the same time. There are other electronic products of Casio available in the market, but the watches they make have no match. They are also moving towards solar watches and GPS watches, which will be a breakthrough. You can purchase Casio watches online if you are unable to manage time to go to the store.

  • Guess

This American brand has its kind of style and decency which is very rare. The watches are simple yet fashionable. The dials are the main attraction in their watches. The looks add more to your personality, and the range of watches it offers is endless.

  • Timex

This is yet another brand that has set its marks in the Indian market from a very long time now. Timex watches are made for every type of person. They never disappoint anyone and have all the designs one can even think of. Timex is a brand which never compromises on quality and never sits. They are moving towards making watches that can take care of your health as well.

  • Citizen

It is one among the largest producers of watches in Japan and one of the largest sellers in India. The watches are all unique designs, carefully made so that the owner feels proud to wear them. The technological advancements can be seen through each design of the watch. The watches are a combination of beauty and technology.

There is no particular brand you should stick to, but for a durable and reliable wrist watch, considering the above-mentioned brands would be a wise choice. These brands will meet all your requirements and will shine your wrist.

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