Here’s Why Your Dog Needs A Good Harness

Published On May 23, 2017 | By James Smith | Shopping

Caring for your pooch extends beyond feeding and grooming. You have to care for a lot of other things, including his training. One of the good investments is a harness, which works like the perfect replacement for a collar. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of harness for dogs along with a  few tips for choosing one.

Does my dog need a harness?

Ideally, every dog should have at least one harness and one collar. This way, the dog will know the ways to walk on both. If you have a hyperactive dog that refuses to listen and has its own mind, a harness can be one of the best tools for training. For muscular and big dogs, harnesses are almost a necessity, because it’s hard to control them, especially when they start chasing the bunnies and birds. On the contrary, smaller dogs are prone to neck issues. Some breeds are known to be more sensitive and prone to choking than others.

What are the options?

There are two kinds of harnesses in the market today. The first one is a standard harness, which distributes the force of the leash on the back and chest of the dog. This kind of harness is ideal for smaller and medium sized dogs. Since it’s easy to pull such standard harnesses, these are not great for large dogs. For big breeds, like a Great Dane or a Pit Bull, you would need a ‘no-pull’ harness. These harnesses are designed differently and will tighten if the dog exerts too much pressure. However, the force of the lease will be felt by the dog in its front armpits, so the neck is still safe. There are some very good options like the 2 Hounds Design Dog Harness, but before you choose a no-pull harness, make sure that you check the size of your dog. Also, don’t let the harness cause any rubbing on the skin, especially around the pits.

If you are looking for a good harness, you need to check online, where you would find some great offers and discounts. Before selecting, check the size of the harness on the standard chart and compare it with the measurements of the dog. In most cases, a larger size doesn’t really make a difference, especially for big dogs. If required, you can also talk to the trainer of your dog to know more about the best harnesses.


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