The autoflowering feminized seeds have a double advantage

Published On June 23, 2017 | By James Smith | Shopping

Any seasoned cannabis cultivator will certify that the female seeds have the greatest advantage as far as flowering and yields are concerned. The greatest advantage of feminized seeds is that there is no unnecessary complication. If you combine the autoflowering seeds and the feminized seeds you get a great combination. Therefore, this combination rightly named autoflowering feminized seeds can deliver the maximum yields with the minimum of effort. Naturally, they are extremely popular in the cannabis grower’s community.

In the normal course of cultivation you get the male and female plants in the 50-50 ratio. When it comes to harvesting and flowering, the male plants do not have much importance. Hence, the cultivator has to discard the male plants from his garden thereby incurring a loss. Hence, you see cultivators making a beeline for the feminized plants alone. This is the logical approach as well because yields do matter in this world of cannabis. When the sole purpose of cultivating is for procuring better fields, there should be no reason for the cultivator to waste time, money, and effort in procuring male seeds that have no practical use at all.

One has to note that these feminized seeds require maintaining the same kind of day-night cycle for optimum flowering. Hence, the concept of autoflowering seeds holds good here as well. In fact, if you use the autoflowering feminized seeds you can have the best of both the worlds.

The advantages of using autoflowering feminized seeds are as follows.

The biggest advantage is that you have 100% feminized seeds and hence need not worry about any wastage in the yields. You get the maximum yields. There is no need for you to remove the male plants for the simple reason that they do not exist at all.

Secondly, the use of the autoflowering variety entails that you do not have to strive to maintain the day-night cycle etc. The seeds blossom automatically at the pre-determined time. This is one of the best advantages of using the autoflowering feminized seeds. There is no need for the plant to adhere to the day-night cycle. Hence, you can grow these plants throughout the season at any time.

Hence, cultivators who have limited time, space, and resources opt for this variety of seeds to maximize their yields. The high degree of yields is the biggest satisfaction one can get from planting this variety of seeds.

You get these seeds in every kind of strain in all the variants of cannabis. Hence, for ensuring the best results as far as yields is concerned, this variety of seeds is the best bet.

The paucity of space in an indoor garden prompts the cultivator to use feminized seeds to increase his yield. The autoflowering variety not only increases but maximizes the yields as well.

One more advantage of using this variety of seeds is that they are extremely strong and resilient. Hence, it does not come as a surprise to see cultivators opting for the autoflowering feminized seeds because they have a double advantage.

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